We strive to improve the efforts of sustainability and ecological accountability within the world. Our goals around this include-

• Working with farms to increase and improve organic growing, permaculture techniques, biodynamic considerations, reciprocity with the land, water quality stewardship, environmental conservation, and use of alternative energy

• Supporting smaller agricultural communities and cultures to maintain and sustain native and indigenous farming methods through creation of alternative economic streams including-agrotourism, local advocacy, and the preservation of heritage

• Connecting customers with the most sustainable and Earth healthy fruit and vegetables that take all aspects into consideration from seed to belly-

Seed Nurturing,

Biodynamic Farming Methods,


Clean Water,

Energy Efficient and Conservative,

Low Carbon Footprint,

Sustainable Packaging,

Customer Education

*These are goals of our company, yet not fully realized on all levels. We are consciously working to attain all of these ideals and connect the various related parties in order to manifest in the next coming years